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Why Use Medical Alert Systems?


Retirement is often cited as the golden years of your life. The irony is that for millions of seniors, these years are fraught with medical problems that could potentially land them in a nursing home. A quick and timely response to falls and other emergencies can prevent lasting injuries and preserve your self-reliance. Personal medical alert systems have offered one solution for the last 30 years or so by providing help at the touch of a button. These systems create a layer of protection for your loved ones when you cannot be with them all of the time.

Wireless medical alert systems generally have two simple components: a console and a pendant with a button. In most cases, the pendant is worn either around the neck, around the wrist or on the hip. In the case of a fall or other emergency, the customer can push a large button on the console if they are close to it, or they can push the button on their pendant. This sends a call to a customer service representative who can then your phone emergency contacts and emergency medical responders, depending on the situation, in an order predetermined by the customer.

We rated and ranked the best medical alert systems available on the market. At the end of our analysis, Bay Alarm Medical, Medical Guardian and LifeFone emerged as the top companies to provide medical emergency services for seniors and others with disabilities. We studied these companies and the others on our lineup to create a comprehensive comparison. We also researched related topics for articles on medical alert systems that we think will interest you.

Medical Alert Systems: What to Look For

In the crowded market of medical alert systems, the companies that stood out to us offer value by providing a great combination of features with excellent customer service. These companies have experience in the field and good reputations. More specifically, we looked for the following features as we evaluated each of the medical alert systems in our review:

Monitoring Services
The two things that every medical alert system universally do is offer 24- hour medical monitoring services. This is their most basic function; all of the medical alert systems we reviewed offer this feature. However, some go beyond the panic button for falls, heart attacks, strokes and other medical emergencies. Carbon monoxide detection and fire monitoring can help people who may be disabled aware of problems and contact emergency services on their behalf.

Many of the services we reviewed use identical monitoring equipment. Almost all medical monitoring services utilize a base station that connects to a phone line or internet connection, even if they don’t use similar methods. A wireless pendant, wristband or other worn jewelry is used to communicate with the base station in the case of an emergency. The range and selection of this equipment is a critical factor in our assessment of the best medical alarm systems.

Contracts & Fees
The financial obligation you have with your medical monitoring service should not be overlooked. The best medical alert systems should have an option that does not tie you to a long-term contract. Delivery of the system should be as a low cost for you as possible, and activation and cancellation fees should be kept to a minimum.

Help & Support
One of the most important things that medical alert systems can offer you and your loved ones is caring customer service. If you cannot find someone who is friendly and helpful around the clock when you call these companies, you may as well stick with programming a few buttons on your cell phone for emergencies instead. In addition to 24-hour monitoring, 24-hour technical support should also be available in case you have any trouble with the unit or peripheral devices. Monitoring services should also offer FAQs, a toll-free number and email support.

It can be overwhelming to compare medical monitoring services, but we gathered information that can provide everything you need to know to choose a superior monitoring service that you and your loved ones deserve. In our reviews, you’ll find information on everything from waterproof pendants to fall detectors. Peace of mind is just a few easy steps away thanks to quality medical alert services.

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