Dome cameras

Mini Dome Cameras


Mini dome security cameras are becoming very popular in small business settings. They are bought primary because they are so cheap. However, they are very discrete and do not invade people in a business establishment. It is really a cost effective way to get video surveillance in a very tight and fast-paced business establishment.

Mini Dome Security Cameras Need Light To See In The Dark

The one thing you must remember when buying a mini dome security camera is that most do not have the ability to see in total darkness. If you decide to purchase one, remember that you will need to provide lighting at night to get a picture. However, thesedome cameras are not designed to work in low light conditions. The lux rating on our mini dome model is 0.1. That is not going to work in low light conditions. So if you are looking to equip your small business with one, make sure you can leave some sort of emergency light on or night lights to illuminate a picture. There are some infrared security cameras you can take a look at that can see in total darkness.


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