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Mini Spy Button Camera

The Cuarta Dimension Mini Spy Button Camera is a lightweight spy cam indicative of its tenth-place ranking in our reviews. While we love the overall build and miniscule weight of the camera, it lacks robust features and quality output – more so than any other spy cam in our lineup.


This mini spy camera’s operation is limited to an off and on knob, a reset button and a switch to toggle between photo and video. Additional functionality is sparse and the only real feature the camera boasts is automatic shut-off, which turns the camera off automatically once the internal memory is full to capacity to conserve the battery. We think virtually any additional features, whether VOX (sound-activated) mode or an audio capture function, would have been a major enhancement to the camera.

Despite its lack of functionality, we were generally pleased with the camera’s overall design. It is highly comparable in size to most of our other ranked products and weighs in at just over half an ounce. Given its dimensions and generic design, the mini spy camera would be extremely easy to conceal anywhere on the body or elsewhere. However, the camera is made from plastic and subsequently, it feels as cheap as it looks.

A spy cam is only as good as the video it produces. While clarity may not be of the utmost importance, it is essential to have video that is clear enough to distinguish activity and movement and (in some cases) have intelligible audio. These small cameras are inherently limited when it comes to output quality simply because of their size but most can deliver adequate video; this one seems to fall just short of that benchmark. While we really liked that the camera had the functionality to take photos (notable for such a low-cost mini spy camera), the image resolution is only 1.3MP (megapixels) – hardly what one would call high quality. Furthermore, despite a resolution of 640×480, the video appeared just as grainy and poor with audio that was riddled with distorted sound and annoying white noise.

Another major deficiency with this mini spy camera is it does not have a memory card slot and therefore, doesn’t support external memory cards with higher memory capacity. The camera does, however, come with 4GB of internal memory which, though not a ton of space, is more memory than most comparable spy cams come equipped with. Given its internal memory capacity, the camera can store roughly two hours of recorded footage.

Lastly, the mini spy button camera doesn’t procure any high marks in regards to its battery. The camera is equipped with an internal Lithium-ion (or Li-ion) battery that can be recharged using the included USB connection cable. Although the product instructions state the battery can function up to two hours, it disappointingly lasts for barely one.

It’s obvious the Cuarta Dimension Mini Spy Button Camera isn’t the most functional, durable or high-quality spy cam on the market. While casual users may be satisfied with its output and limited features, the old adage “you get what you pay for” certainly rings true with this low-cost product.