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MJPEG compression is part of the Movie Image Experts Group. It was invented many years ago around 1997 and 1998 and now compared to MPEG-4 and H.264 video codecs, it is really low quality. There is still however, great demand for these units. They offer an entry level for many end-users on a tight or low budget. We never reccomend any bad equipment, but that does not mean we will not sell it to anyone. Depending on the users application and demand we will still rather sell MJPEG compression security dvrs than any quad or V.C.R. setup. Having recording options and video compression is better than none. However, you will see some of our best selling MJPEG compression dvrs below, give us a call on our 800 line if you have any additional questions about what you need for your CCTV application.

MJPEG Compression Is The Base Option For DVRs


When looking at the spread of security dvrs on the market, you have to put MJPEG compression dvrs at the very bottom of the compression codecs. MJPEG compression is now a thing of the past for most video compression machines on the market. The only advantage they really offer is a step above V.C.R. setups, that have zero compression codec technology. The video is great because now you can digitally record instead of viewing analog video over a tape. Also our MJPEG dvrs offer a CD-RW back up option, a remote controller and mouse for usability and Linux style menu, which lets each user manipulate the dvr settings to get the right needs from the recorder. Typically you see most MJPEG compression dvrs starting at just $199, without a hard-drive and without a CD-RW drive. We’ve managed to put together a deal that has a 250gig hard drive and a CD-RW drive to back up video to a hard copy format. If you are looking for an entry level dvr without spending a ton, then MJPEG compression security dvrs are what you want to take a look at.

MJPEG Compression DVRs Great For Small Applications

If you own a home or small business, then you might want to look into starting out with one of these units. MJPEG compression digital video recorders are now a lot cheaper than what they were back in the year 2000, however, they still present very professional and digital technology. Owning a machine that capture your activity at your home and business is vital to effiecient management of your assets. If you are a homeowner that could be your sports cars, yard, children, pets and if you are a business owner that could mean watching employees, inventory, controlling waste, theft, and liability disputes. Don’t be a fool, make sure you have a set of eyes where you cannot. MJPEG compression security dvrs, will provide you with the basics. You can record, playback, view real-time, back up to USB stick or burn to a CD for hard-copy archives. We have many homeowners and small business owners protecting themselves and loving the money and time we save them off a very small and hi-tech investment.