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Motorola MBP36 Video Baby Monitor Reviews


The MBP35 Digital and Audio Baby Monitor from Motorola already offered some great features but the latest version of that video baby monitor, the MBP36, is even more impressive.

The first thing many users will notice is that this unit offers an impressive range. You can take the separate handheld monitor from the camera up to 656 feet away and still get reception. Depending on your home, that is a trip out to the mailbox at least. Knowing exactly what is happening with your baby at all times during naptime while still being able to complete daily tasks will be a priceless benefit for parents.

More and more often, video baby monitors are being designed with built-in temperature monitors, and this unit is one of them. The temperature in a baby’s room is very easy to get wrong, so this is a nice bonus feature. There are also five lullabies programmed into this system to help your baby relax before bedtime. That too is becoming more common.

One thing that is utterly uncommon is the ability to take digital pictures with this unit. We’re not sure how essential this feature might be for most parents, but it could be a nice way to document tender moments when you don’t have time to run grab your everyday camera.

A more essential feature might be the data encryption offered with this video baby monitor. This means nothing you say will be broadcast, so you don’t have to sensor the bank account info if you happen to be near the monitor.

The camera portion of this unit is much more adjustable than most of the products in our lineup. You can make the camera pan, tilt and zoom, even when you’re not in the room.

There’s no nightlight on this unit. That’s not a huge missing feature, but some parents will be disappointed.

We like that you can expand this system to include up to two parent units and up to four camera units. That will be especially helpful as your children grow because you will be able to watch them in the nursery, playroom and any other couple of rooms you choose.

The screen size on this unit is impressive. At 3.5 inches, it is the largest in our lineup by a full inch. We think parents will enjoy not having to squint to see what is going on in the nursery.

An out-of-range warning will remind you with an alarm if you have gone too far from the camera to monitor your baby’s activities. That way you will never have to wonder if you are close enough to monitor the nursery.

With 900 MHz cordless antennae it will be really hard for this unit to miss a single gurgle made by your baby day or night. Designers also put a lot of effort into data encryption so you know that any conversations you have near your monitor will stay in your home and will not be transmitted to passing truckers or anyone else.

Picture quality on this unit starts and ends with a large, 3.5-inch color screen. That’s more than an inch larger than most units in our lineup and it will make a difference to many parents. It is also designed to offer a very high resolution image in every situation, even at night. We don’t think many will be disappointed.

Motorola support for this product is lacking in most ways. It is difficult to find any information at all about this video baby monitor on the company’s site, and there is no live chat option for instant help. You have to make a phone call, or in our case multiple calls, to find more information on the MBP36 Digital and Audio Baby Monitor.


This video baby monitor lacks solid customer support and a few other features we like, including a nightlight. However, the reception range is wonderful compared to most other units and we love the fact that you can manipulate the Motorola MBP36 Digital and Audio Baby Monitor camera remotely.