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Multi-Channel 12V DC Security Camera Power Supplies

Powering Multiple Security Cameras


After your security cameras and digital video recorder (DVR) have been chosen for your surveillance system, the next piece of the puzzle is powering everything with a power supply unit (PSU).

Powering one to four security cameras

One to four cameras can typically be powered either individually or from a single location using a1 to 2 DC Power Splitter or 1 to 4 DC Power Splitter. You could also power groups of cameras from separate electrical outlets this way. Keep in mind that powering your system like this means that there are multiple points of failure, and that supplying emergency backup power may be logistically more difficult.

Powering more than four security cameras

If you have four or more cameras, you are likely putting together a larger system and need to power everything centrally, from a 12V multi-channel power supply located in a secure, safe environment at your home or facility.

The benefits of using this type of power supply configuration include having one point of maintenance and power that you can secure and apply emergency backup power to relatively easily. It also, in some cases, makes installation easier, since you are running all cables to one location.

Most of today’s cameras operate using 12V DC power, so we will focus primarily on that type of  PSU in this article. Be aware, however, that 24V AC multi-channel power supplies are also available, should your equipment require it.

Multi channel 12V DC power supplies come in 4, 9, 16, and 18 channel configurations, as well as UL and non-UL certified/approved. It is possible to custom build larger power supply units, or clusters of them, for specialized projects.

Most of the power supplies we use in the field use PTC type fuses and come in 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 Amp configurations.

What powers you?

Are you an industry contractor or installer? What do you find yourself using on projects? Are you seeing any AC power supplies being needed? Do you typically use a 2 or 4-way splitter for smaller projects, or  4 channel box?