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Night Vision Security Cameras – Infrared Surveillance

We have all seen the scary movies and TV shows that give us the sense our family’s safety and security doesn’t exist in our own home. We worry about burglars who break in with ease, and coming home unaware our house has been violated by an intruder. These fears are compounded during the nighttime hours, and it is important to know what your options are for securing your home.


A few popular security measures:

  • door & window alarm systems
  • security cameras
  • licensed firearms
  • security personnel

Infrared Security Cameras

A combination of the above list is likely your best bet, but the most logical starting point is a surveillance system with night vision security cameras. IR cameras are affordable, reliable, and extremely easy to use. They allow you to see, at distance, in darkness, which gives you a much better chance of recording and catching an intruder. Night vision surveillance has been around for quite some time, and has become highly developed, resulting in a lower cost and smaller equipment size.

Night Vision Security Cameras Are The Ideal Choice For Safety and Security

No matter the size of your house or yard, large or small, infrared CCTV cameras are a great choice. These cameras are fitted with auto-iris lenses that work extremely well in conditions where light is changing. If you find yourself in complete darkness, a regular security camera is not going to take a great picture, but an IR camera will.

What identifies an infrared surveillance camera?

A camera’s lux is defined as the amount of light that is needed to take a good quality picture. A camera with a lower lux is going to see better in low light situations than one with a higher lux. Infrared cameras have a lux of 0.0, allowing them to be able to see in complete darkness. They also have infrared LEDs which project infrared light into the darkness, illuminating the area with light only visible to the camera.

Night vision security cameras feature a resolution of at least 420 TV Lines, usually more, and contain optimal-sized (1/4” or ⅓”) Sony CCD (Charge Couple Device) chips, for high quality, clear videos. They come in all form factors, including dome, bullet, box, PTZ, and more.

No Matter the Situation, There is a Camera to Suit All Needs

With many different needs out there, just as many CCTV camera options exist to choose from. Most security camera form factors come with infrared or low light models, so you can choose what works best for your application and integrate it into a new or existing surveillance system.

Our favorite, in most cases, is a vandal resistant, outdoor, IR, dome security camera, such as theAP-DCS54. With this type of camera, you are capable of outdoor surveillance without having to worry about vandals or weather destroying your surveillance gear. You also don’t need a camera housings because of the camera’s construction.

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