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Optical Zoom Versus Digital Zoom


What’s Better: Optical Zoom or Digital Zoom?

Zoom on a security camera makes a big difference. A lens with a good capability to capture details will record superior video footage when compared to its competition. Sometimes intricate video footage is necessary, especially in places which need top of the line security. A camera which cannot do its job accurately can end in tragedy. Therefore, someone purchasing a security camera needs to know exactly where the security camera will be placed. They will also need to be aware of any specifications the camera will need to meet. This includes where it will be recording and what the dimensions of the area are. When this is done, the zoom can be optimized to meet every need.

Optical Zoom On Security Cameras

Optical zoom makes the lens of the security camera move inwards or outwards to get a better view of an object. In fact, people who use security cameras with optical zoom are often amazed at how detailed the pictures become. It is almost like they are right next to the object, observing it with a microscope. Security cameras that use optical zoom are fantastic for someone that is looking to have a complete surveillance system that records footage in amazing clarity and resolution. Optical zoom leaves nothing to the imagination. If someone is carrying an identified object that looks like a gun or a pole, an optical lens can zoom in and clarify if the person is a threat. Optical lenses have the capacity to make images clearer without much effort.

Digital Zoom On Security Cameras

Digital video footage is completely comprised of pixels. When digital zoom is used, it simply enlarges the pixels of an image. Often, this can result in blurry or pixelaged footage if the camera is not set up properly. Digital security cameras come with many benefits that are extremely useful. It is often much easier to move digitalized video onto a computer or any other electronic device. When used properly, digital zoom in video surveillance can be just as effective as optical lenses. Digital videos are more useful to a company, business, or individual which are knowledgeable about technology.

Summary Of Optical And Digital Zoom

Security cameras which use optical zoom are best for an individual, company, or business that is looking for clear images with high resolution. However, someone who is interested in the convenience technology has to offer would benefit a lot more from a camera which uses digital zoom. Both cameras have their advantages and drawbacks. Some surveillance systems may prefer digital cameras since they already have completely computerized surveillance. Others may find that convenience is not as important to them, as they prefer clarity in their security footage. Either way, both cameras have great zooming features that work best in different situations. So long as the camera is used for what it is designed for, both pieces of technology are amazing security cameras that any home, company, or place of business would benefit from.