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Outdoor Bullet Cameras

Outdoor bullet cameras are bullet cameras that have the ability to adapt to any situation that happens. Most of the situations that arise are weather changes, but other changes are changes in light levels. Basically sun up and sun down. Even though there are some color-bullet-cameras that can go can outside, this page’s specific focus is on supreme outside bullet cameras. These bullet cameras have no weaknesses and withstand some serious changes in their elements and still deliver high quality video.

Learn More About Outdoor Bullet Cameras

Outdoor bullet cameras is really just another way to say, bullet camera. All bullet security cameras are capable of working indoors or outdoors. Outdoor, means that these cameras can take a beating from mother nature. That means that the camera is immune to rain, dew, water, wind, hot and cold temperatures. If you have a security application that calls for a security camera that can work outdoors, then you will certainly want to take a look at bullet cameras. Although there are other security cameras that also work outside, bullet cameras offer a better starting price, is very flexible and covert. Depending on your environment, bullet cameras are just small enough to work outdoors for any small residential and business application


Outdoor Bullet Cameras Come In All Sizes

If you are looking for a bullet camera, you will have to figure out what size you will need for your environment. Putting up cameras in a residential application can be tricky. Depending on your neighborhood you might have some issues with putting up cameras. You should always check with your neighborhood regulations and any ordinances from the city first. But for most homes you do not need anything too big or crazy. Most bullet cameras that are bigger are big due to the bracket and or lens that is embedded into the camera. Bullet cameras with a 8-22mm varifocal lens will be bigger cameras. As they are better suited for commercial and industrial settings, they have features that make them naturally very large cameras. You could very well have a residential home, where you are in need of some bigger cameras to find or watch the areas you need. Just make sure if you are in a neighborhood, that you can mount cameras and if so how big!

Typically, you can use some of our smaller bullet cameras for residential homes. Those smaller bullet cameras will have either color only or 12-14 infrared LED lights, where you can see in the dark. But smaller bullet cameras will have the right lens size you need for wide angle of views and about 35 feet of facial distance. Depending on what you are trying to do and how far you want to see will determine what type and size bullet camera you will need. Any outdoor bullet camera will each have it’s own functionality, but what you choose for your CCTV setup will really be based on how far you need to see out. If you need to be able to see in the dark at a long range, then you will need will have a bigger camera because of the amount of infrared lights embedded into the camera along with the varifocal lens. However, you decide do not let the shier amount of different bullet camera sizes confuse you or overwhelm you in making a choice. Remember define what you are doing first, then you can determine what size camera you will need to build your CCTV application.