CCTV Security Camera News in Da Nang Vietnam

Outdoor Infrared Cameras


Outdoor infrared security cameras are cameras that can be placed outside and survive rain, hot and cold temperatures.They are also know as multi-purpose security cameras. Outdoor infrared security cameras have the ability to adapt to any outside condition and perform their jobs without any disruption in their service or quality. Know that these are the most sought after cameras on the Internet! They are our most sold style of cameras. We have infrared cameras in the form of bullet cameras and dome cameras.

Outdoor Infrared Cameras See In Total Darkness

One of the main benefits to infrared security cameras is their ability to render video in total darkness. For a variety of reasons, infrared security cameras are the best multi-role security cameras you can equip to survey your home or business. We have industrial organizations, homeland security, and hi-commercial buildings using the cameras we sell as their measure of surveillance. Most color security cameras do not offer infrared technology and therefore are obsolete in low lighting conditions or in total darkness environments. No low lux security camera can compete with the complete coverage infrared security cameras give during the day and night. Inside each of these security cameras is a sensor, that measures how much light the chip-set takes in. When the level of light reaches a dismal level, the camera’s sensor switches the infrared lights on. The infrared lights washout any color that the camera may still be trying to capture and the result is hi-quality black and white video. So if you have an outdoor application and exterior lighting is a problem or not strong enough to provide superior image quality in the night, then use infrared security cameras outdoors. We have domes and bullet camera models to help suit your needs.

Infrared Lights Can Glow In Red Or Blue

We have many customers call us looking for outdoor security camera’s with blue infrared lights. Just in the last 4 years we have seen a growing style of infrared lights that are blue. The blue lights do not offer any advantages over red infrared LED lights. They do the same job and are for people who just prefer blue over red. Outdoor infrared camera’s LED lights are usually red. So it will be hard to find blue infrared LED lights in the style you want, that also work outside.