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Parking Lot Video Surveillance Camera for Businesses

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You’ve seen in all those televised crime dramas where a man is murdered or a woman kidnapped outside a mall or convenience store and no one sees a thing but, it is all caught on tape by the Safety and Parking Lot Video Surveillance and within the hour the “bad guy” is caught. But, that’s television land not the real world so you probably wonder whether you really need to have a safety and parking lot video surveillance.

That depends on how you look at things. If you believe that once a customer or employee leaves your store it’s a case of every man for himself then you probably aren’t going to want to invest in an expensive high tech video surveillance system. However, if you want to limit your liability for accidents that take place in your parking lot, prevent theft of your possessions, your customers, and your employees, and offer your customers a measure of security that makes them feel more comfortable doing business with you then a security system may interest you.
Did you know that 80% of all crimes associated with offices, malls, and retail stores take place in the parking lot? And that doesn’t count the number of customers who file suit against businesses each year claiming to have fallen and gotten injured or had their car dinged by a wayward shopping cart or a careless employee.

Having a safety and parking lot video surveillance system set up in your parking lot can:
• Protect you and your business from false liability claims
• Provide a margin of safety for employees and customers
• And add to customers satisfaction

If you have a security system that covers every aspect of your parking lot then that camera will catch what is happening whether you are watching or not so there is no need of worrying about having to pay or have your insurance company pay false claims of slip and falls or other negligence that con people and desperate people make in an effort to collect large sums. You’ll be able to prove the event didn’t happen.

Keeping your eye on your surveillance system when employees are arriving or leaving work provides protection for them when going to and coming from their cars. And since you can monitor your system from practically anywhere you don’t need to be in the building to call for help.

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Studies have shown that businesses that provide monitored surveillance systems for their parking lots and parking garages have increased customer satisfaction. Customers tend to like businesses they feel look out for their welfare and this results in increased sales.

Safety and Parking lot video surveillance may not come cheap but, it is definitely worth it in terms of safety for you, your customers and your employees.