An effective home security system is important, but a hard-wired system isn’t always a practical solution. Portable alarms provide an affordable and surprisingly sophisticated alternative. Unlike hard-wired systems, portable alarms go wherever you go. You can place them permanently or rotate them from room to room. From siren alarms for entrance doors to small alarms that protect individual objects, it has everything you’ll need for complete protection.


Did you know ?

Even if you don’t own your home, you still need protection from intruders. Portable alarms can solve security problems for renters and apartment dwellers who don’t have the option of installing traditional hard-wired equipment. The range of available products covers virtually any security need without requiring a huge investment or any changes to the property.Portable Alarms selection of apartment alarmsinclude sensor alerts, auto-dialers, infrared motion alarms, driveway patrol products and even glass break detectors for windows. You won’t miss out on advanced security technology just because your small alarms aren’t expensive; portable security products include features such as wireless coverage, email and text alerts, and even body heat detection.

Portable small alarms aren’t just for home use. They can travel with you to provide security for temporary accommodations. Your next vacation can be safer with portable wireless motion detectors and small hidden cameras protecting your valuables while you enjoy the tourist attractions. Even if you have complete security coverage, a portable alarm can make a great addition to your existing home system. Small alarms can serve as backup measures in case of a system malfunction or failure. They can also add an extra layer of security in areas that aren’t as well-covered as others. Because portable alarms have so many potential uses, they’re valuable security tools in virtually any household.

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