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Problems with Wireless Camera Systems

The field of CCTV is truly amazing.  Who would have ever thought that you could view an image from a surveillance camera on a cell phone!  To me that is just awesome.  There is even software that will send you a message to alert you when a camera loses connection.  With all these amazing features that are available there is one area in surveillance that remains unimproved.  Wireless Cameras.


Almost every day I have customers call in wanting the infamous wireless camera system.  Most customers are under the impression that wireless systems are dependable and not to mention..well, wireless!  I’ll admit, wireless sounds cool and “techy” but unfortunately, for most people, it’s not the best solution.

You get what you pay for

You can head over to a common retail store and buy a wireless system for $200.  Unfortunately the CCTV market falls into the category of “you get what you pay for”.  If you’re new $200 wireless system doesn’t have you pulling your hair out in a month, I would be totally shocked.

Wasting time with batteries

This wireless camera is going to have to have power no matter what.  How do we get a dependable power source?  You guessed it.. wire! Now, if your department store system doesn’t have a wire for power, than it will probably have a battery compartment.  Once you throw batteries into the equation, you will spend more time changing batteries than you will catching those teenagers that like to tee pee your house on Friday nights.

Too much interference

I don’t know about you but I do not want a system that is susceptible to interference or risk losing coverage due to poor technology.  Wireless systems can be very finicky.  Just remember, there are some things to keep in mind before you decide to go wireless.

To each his (or her) own, but keep in mind that you cannot go wrong with a hard wired system.  A hard wired system is secure, dependable, and hardly requires any maintenance once installed.  You do not run the risk of losing connection at a possible crucial time that your system needs to perform.

So I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but really..drop the wireless.  I know this day and age wireless products are the norm but the evolution of wireless CCTV has been stagnant at best.  With the proper equipment and the proper positioning you can easily take the wireless camera out of the project and go hard wired.  If you go this route you will have a fail proof system that you can depend on.