As a business owner, it’s difficult to keep an eye on your employees at all times. You are busy with various aspects of running your business, and being a baby sitter is not one of them. Hiring someone else to watch your employees can be a bigger headache, as you have yet another employee you have to take care of and watch.


A low cost investment option is to install a good quality surveillance system. While these may have been cost prohibitive even as recent as ten years ago, the prices have come down sharply, while the quality has become much greater.

What is the best part of owning a surveillance system? No healthcare, benefits, or calling out sick. It does what it’s told and is very reliable.

One of the biggest benefits of having a surveillance system on your business premises is that it will
discourage employee theft. Employees are much less likely to steal from you if they know that they have a better than average chance of being caught. Video recording from surveillance systems are often times admitted as expert evidence in court cases. This means that it’s not just someone’s word against the employee. The employee will know that if they are caught, they are likely getting in trouble, and could go to jail. At the least, if you pursue it, they will have a criminal record. This makes the surveillance system a fantastic deterrent for employee theft.


As a business owner, it’s to your advantage to purchase a multi-camera surveillance system and have it professionally installed at cash registers and the “hot spots”, or places that are not in public view. These hot spots are a breeding ground for dishonest employees to take merchandise or give them to their friends to sneak them out of the store for them.

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