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Remote Video Surveillance System


Your home security system is in place, keeping home and family safe in the event of a threatening or dangerous situation from fire to home invasion. Yet, it may not feel like enough. Sometimes that extra set of eyes—yours—is the only thing that brings peace of mind, especially when you’re away from home. Remote video surveillance lets you see any location inside or outside of your home at any time from your computer, smart phone or any web-enabled device. Not only does wireless video surveillance protect your property as a deterrent to intruders, it will also provide security from inside the home, allowing family members to see who’s at the door or to check on the children in another area of the home or property.

How Remote Video Surveillance Works

Many video surveillance systems can be easily installed by the homeowner. If the cameras are wireless, it’s a matter of peeling and sticking them into position, while wired cameras likely benefit from professional installation. Position video cameras where you need them most—inside or outside— to monitor anything from doors and windows to the nursery or garage. The cameras transmit video to a base station connected to your Internet router, which allows you to control the system and see what the cameras see at any time, from most anywhere via computer or  smart device. That said, when it comes to the safety and piece of mind that comes with protecting your family, it’s always best to call in professionals to install video monitoring systems.

Benefits of a Remote Video Surveillance System

Remote video surveillance puts you in control of what and where you would like to monitor. Depending on your specific property and family needs, the benefits are seemingly limitless:

  • See who’s at the door
  • Check on the kids
  • Watch comings and goings of your teens, housekeeper, gardener, elderly parent, etc.
  • Keep an eye on the nanny or babysitter
  • Confirm safety of elderly relatives
  • Monitor pet activity

Remote Video Surveillance Options

As high-tech as wireless video surveillance is already, it gets even better. You can control the cameras from your remote device, record and store video, and even set up a split screen to monitor multiple video surveillance camera views at once. Many of these features are dependent on the capabilities of the camera. Here are a few camera options to look for that may be worth your while:

  • Adding more cameras to the existing system
  • Install cameras with 360 degree mobility
  • Color video vs. black and white for better visibility
  • Pan and zoom features
  • Night vision for visibility in dimly lit areas and outside
  • Motion detection