CCTV Security Camera News in Da Nang Vietnam

Resolution Revolution

Making the decision to purchase a security camera or surveillance system is a great way to help protect the assets and people that are important you. However, when trying to select from a wide range of options and models, the specifics can be a bit overwhelming. The good news is that while shopping for the security camera that will best fit your needs you don’t have to know how pixels and resolution works, you simply have to know what it means.

Video Surveillance Camera Inside Camera Housing

The resolution on a camera can be defined most simply as the detail that your security cameras are able capture. So imagine you are looking at two identical pictures of a beautiful sunny day at the beach. The picture on the left shows the sun shining over the water with a few specs in the skyline. Then as you look to the picture of the seemingly identical scene and you immediately notice a few key differences.  The first is the scene on your right looks more crisp and defined in comparison to its now fuzzy scene on your left. The specs you noticed in the skyline of the previous scene have changed as well. Before they were simply specs and now you have the ability to make out that they are actually birds. Due to these differences in the scene one might think that the pictures are actually different. The truth is the pictures are still the same except that the picture on the right has a higher resolution than the picture on the left.

Another, important concept to understand when making decisions about your security camera’s resolution is pixels. Resolution is measured by its pixel count. So in essence the higher the pixel count the higher the quality of detail the camera will be able to capture. Another great feature of a higher pixel count is the ability for an image to become large without looking fuzzy or “pixilated”.  In your shopping for security cameras you may also hear and see the resolution measured in horizontal TV lines. These lines are made up of pixels as well and follow the same idea that “more equals more”. So the more horizontal TV lines a security camera is offering the clearer and crisper the footage will be.

Surveillance cameras have improved dramatically with the quality of their resolution. However, as someone who is new to purchasing a video surveillance system you may not be too interested in the history of resolution and security cameras versus understanding which one is best for your needs. The standard resolution rate for security cameras measured in horizontal TV lines is about 300 to 400 lines. At this level you will get a pretty good quality resolution.

So keep in mind that if you need your security cameras to watch a register inside your business or have a need for it to capture activities in detail, it would definitely be worth it to look into a surveillance system with a higher level of pixels or horizontal TV lines.

There is no need to feel panic or overwhelmed when looking for the security camera system that best fits your needs anymore. Now you have a better understanding of what resolution is and how you can measure the level of resolution that will best meet your needs. Security cameras are a great addition in all aspects of life and making the investment into the future of your assets and loved ones is a big deal. Now that you have more information about how to make such an important decision the picture of buying a security camera that best fits your need should be much clearer.