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Retail Store Video Surveillance Systems


Retail stores lose billions of dollars each year due to theft. Having a Video surveillance system in your retail store can protect your customers, your property, and your profits without costing you an arm and a leg.  A good video surveillance system in your retail store is worth more than it’s weight in gold.

Here are just a few benefits of having a video surveillance system.

  • Prevent and Reduce Theft. Having a good video system installed where it is visible will make many potential thieves think twice before choosing your business as a target.  In addition, for those who still attempt to steal your merchandise your video camera will catch them red handed.
  • Improves your businesses Image In The Eyes Of Customers. Believe it or not having a video surveillance system will actual improve your business image in the eyes of your customers.  Making your customers feel safe and protected makes them feel good and improves customer relations.
  • Remote Monitoring One of the benefits of a video surveillance system is that they can be monitored remotely from just about any computer anywhere.  This means that you don’t have to be on the premises to know what is happening with your business.
  • Easy To Install Most video surveillance systems can be easily installed. In the case of IP (internet protocol cameras, all you really need to do is mount the cameras). You can take a look at our selection of Network Cameras here.

Of course there are some risks to using video surveillance cameras in retail stores.  Here are a few risks that you need to deal with when using a surveillance system.

  • Privacy Issues. To avoid infringing on your employees or customers privacy you need to make sure that you keep your surveillance out of restrooms and the employees break rooms.  Keep the system in the main area where your merchandise is and other areas that may be at risk from theft such as the office and the store room.
  • Power Surges And Outages Power surges and outages can disrupt the function of your video equipment and damage footage.  Though these types of events are rare having a back up security system may be a wise thing to do especially in areas that have more frequent brown outs and black outs.
  • Theft Of Surveillance Equipment Itself. Thieves have been becoming bolder and they  steal the video equipment itself.  Stolen cameras can leave part of your retail store unprotected and damage your security system.

Before purchasing and installing a store security system you need to consider several things. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a security system.

  1. What is my biggest security threat?
  2. What kind of merchandise do I sell?
  3. What has been my worst theft problem over the last year and would having a security camera have helped to prevent the loss or catch the thief?
  4. Does my neighborhood and surrounding contribute to my overall security?

Once you know what your needs are then you need to consider how many cameras your retail store will need and where they should be placed.  Experts recommend that you place security cameras in the following places to ensure the best protection.

  • Place cameras next to entrance and exits so you can get a clear shot of everyone who enters or exits your store. The Black Box 4 All in one hidden camera system works very well for indoor situations like these.
  • Place hidden cameras in stock and storage rooms so that you know if any of your stock goes missing.
  • Areas where small but expensive merchandise are located should have good camera placement.
  • In order to maximize the area your cameras can view consider using a mixture of different cameras.
  • Make sure to include video cameras in your parking lot as part of your security system.

Making sure that you have a good well placed video security system will help reduce theft of your merchandise, save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue and help to protect your customers, employees, and your business from harm.