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Network Video Surveillance Solutions For School

Educational institutions such as Colleges always have large campuses, which are distributed and have complicated environment. As a result, educational facilities have been exposed to vandalism, violence or burglary, while the colleges are encountering more and more violence and emergency. However, chance to exchange thoughts and embrace knowledge should never sacrifice the issues of safety and security.
As for this situation, School Security Camera Solutionst has made use of the rich network resource of schools and designed a complete solution for a safe campus, as follow:

  • Entrances, exits and corridors, where traffic accidents and emergencies are usually occur due to large flow of people. We suggest the intelligent high-speed dome camera to monitor and recording every event.
  • Canteens, students` dorms, parking lots and walls need IR IP camera to protect the security of personal and public property.
  • Libraries, laboratory and computer rooms, etc can install Network dome camera to have all staff movement and stuff cover.
  • As for classrooms, Network dome camera does a great favor for remote lessons and the supervision at examination sites.

education (1)School Security Camera Solutions are ONVIF compatible, so they are ideal for the demands of campus environments in delivering reliable, high-quality, cost-effective solutions that meet your specific needs.

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