Security Camera Solutions For Factory- With the constant progress of industrialization, more and more video surveillance are used in industries. Factories, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, which place valuable raw material and machines, often suffer from stealing and thieves. Meanwhile the management of factories includes having real-time supervision and taking measures necessary in time.

Security Camera Solutions For Factory combines hardware compression as well as offering H.264/ M-PEG dual-stream video compression. Benefits can get from Security Camera Solutions For Factory such as:
– Protect your property and assets.
  – Monitor manufacturing lines and processes around the clock.
  – Automatic alarms when certain incidents or person appear in a restricted area.
  – Ensure the security of manufacturing by offer real-time access to live and recorded images.
  – Increase the overall production efficiency
Users benefit from HD720P (1600×1200) video preview while additional features include electronic shutter and masking of privacy zones.

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