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Security Cameras: Best Locations to Install Them

Surveillance cameras are your best bet for home security. A great camera placement can get the faces of criminals and act as a deterrent for would-be perpetrators of crime to think twice before committing a nefarious act. You can repel anyone from a dummy kid who wants to do a prank or a burglar who wants to get into the house and steal something.


Never settle for dummy cameras because it may not work well. Bringing in the real deal and putting it in a position of prominence is your safest bet. Here are the key locations where you can place your surveillance cameras.

High atop

One of the best places to put a security camera is high on the house and towards the front door and maybe a view of the windows. This is the best location to put a surveillance camera. This will enable you to capture possible entry through the front door or through windows. Most of the burglars would attempt to barge into the house via the front door. The camera placement is also helpful in detecting unwanted guests and anything that may happen at the front portion of the house. If you have a long pathway leading to the house the camera is also great in protecting from risks.

Back and sides

Second to the front door, most illegal intrusions to the house come by way of the back door. The side door is also equally popular among burglars because they feel that they are able to get a better chance of making it through. Some burglars think that penetrating the house from the side will make them unseen from the street. It is best to mount the security cameras at the most obvious position as a form of a deterrent.

Backyard view

If you can afford to have night-vision capabilities on the security cameras then it is best to have some focusing on the backyard. The cameras will be able to give you the benefit of taking a look at people potentially lurking on the backyard waiting for the opportune time to strike.

Living room

A security camera in the living room allows you to take a look at the activities in the center portion of the home when you are not around. Most of the expensive assets that you are trying to defend may be found in the living room. The high-definition TV, the stereo component or even the
$2,000 personal computer is found at the living room.

Master bedroom

The master’s bedroom is the burglar’s most targeted room because money and other valuables are often stored nearby. Aside from the bedroom, burglars also look at home offices where expensive equipment is also located.

When buying cameras take a look at your needs and spot the vulnerable locations. Cameras are useless unless you are able to mount them at places where it can be effective. Maximizing the benefits of the cameras is the key in preventing crime from happening.

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