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Security Cameras To Reduce Crime In Stadiums

Sports and games have been a source of entertainment for the participants and spectators alike since time immemorial. A sporting event never fails to draw large number of crowds and this becomes a matter of concern for the stadium authorities and police. There is always a threat of a situation turning ugly due to various reasons. It’s the responsibility of the stadium management and police to take measures to ensure that everything goes smoothly without any untoward incident, but when you have crowd in thousands, it becomes impossible for security personnel to keep an eye on the entire sports arena. This is when electronic Surveillance comes in.

CCTV cameras in stadiums prevent attacks

An overcrowded stadium is always vulnerable to a terrorist attack, which poses a direct threat to the spectators, players, and security staff. The security staff has to be on high alert for the fear of some terrorist coming in as a harmless viewer and doing the damage. The Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camerahelps zeroing in on the suspect by zooming in and assists in monitoring the Inner and outer security as well.

CCTV cameras keep spectators under check

When the tempers are running high in the game, the frenzied fans often get into fight and scuffles. Some games especially football have a history of spectators attacking each other. Ice hockey and basketball fans also often indulge in bantering and might end up exchanging blows. This sometimes results in stampede and causes casualties among spectators. Vandal proof CCTV cameras are requirement of the day to keep a check on hooliganism during events.

CCTV cameras offer a security cover to the players

Security cameras are also needed to protect the players from an attack from the crowds. Fans often indulge in throwing things on the field when they are annoyed, they might also end up attacking players. CCTV camera can help in controlling such incidents and the security persons can be informed in time to prevent and nab the perpetrators. Constant monitoring from a control room can help in providing immediate help when need be.

CCTV cameras help in organizing parking lots

CCTV cameras also help in keeping an eye on parking lots for averting theft or any criminal activity in the parking area, eating joints, and entry and exit points of the stadium etc. Cameras with face recognition software are also being used to nab the criminals who are on the run. Cameras with night mode help in keeping low light areas secure.

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