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Security DVR Software : Three Software Features You Need in Your Security System

As you probably already know, there are many different components to a security camera system. Most people think that the cameras are the most important items in the system, however without the security DVR; you don’t have a system at all. Think of the DVR as the engine to a car, without it, the vehicle is useless except as a shanty lean-to in a storm. In this article I want to demonstrate the importance of a DVR and key must have features that are essential when implementing a system.

  1. Event Recording – When setting up your DVR to how you’d like it to record, its essential to have options. In this day and age, simple 24/7 around the clock recording just won’t cut it. It’s imperative to have a DVR that will allow recording based on motion (with adjustable sensitivity on the amount of motion), the time of day, or 24/7 if need be.
  2. Recording abilities – The way your system records is almost as crucial as what it records. Let’s say your DVR only records a week’s footage at a time, how does it record once the memory is full? I’ve heard many stories about people having to go into their system about once a week just to delete the previous footage. What a pain! You must have a recorder that is on a loop, meaning that once the storage is full, the machine will automatically record over the first day’s footage. A self-sufficient system is imperative, and will save you a lot of time and headaches.
  3. Video Analytics – Video Analytics is an extra feature that the DVR may have that is considered the “Bells and Whistles.” These features will further more help secure your application as well as give you more peace of mind. One feature called facial recognition actually stores a picture of your face when you walk past the camera, and stores it on a virtual board within its memory. At the end of the day you have the ability to pull up this board and see whose come in and out, and at what time these events occurred. There are many other complex analytics that are specific to the DVR, it’s your job to figure out what is most important, and which features will benefit you the most.