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Should I Tell My Children About the Nanny Cam?

A nanny cam is small hidden camera that many parents use to monitor their nanny and young children while they are away from home. A nanny cam can provide the peace of mind many parents cannot get from anything else. Unfortunately, abusive situations happen even when moms and dads are diligent about hiring the best nanny available. There have been many cases in which nannies are well-qualified, present excellent references and pass background checks, but still hurt or neglect children. Many moms and dads who went through the terrible experience of finding out their nanny was abusing their children, even said when they first hired the nanny, they got great “vibes” or had a good gut feeling about that person.

The only way to know that your child is 100 percent safe is through the use of several spy cameras placed strategically around your house, so you can view all areas of your home where care is given to your children. There are other reasons to use nanny cams as well: they allow you to make sure the nanny is not spending the day talking on the phone or texting while the TV babysits your child and to ensure that the nanny is preparing healthy meals for your child instead of just the fastest and the easiest option day after day. To make sure that your nanny is not lazing around since in most in home nanny situations there is little to no supervision.

Nanny cams are entirely legal in all 50 states, since parents are only taking video footage of their private residence. Some states have strict compliance laws and regulations that coincide with national wiretapping and eavesdropping laws, so this means you may need to buy a camera without audio or with the audio disabled. However, just check with the laws in your state, but that’s really the only possible legal limitation. You do not have to tell your nanny or your children that they are being recorded. However, the question now arises should you?

Should I Tell My Children?

Most experts and parents agree, you should definitely not tell your children about any nanny cams you use. First of all, telling your children about the cameras does not benefit them in anyway. The cameras are still taping, serving to protect your kids, whether they know about them or not. Secondly, if your kids are young enough that you feel you need to use a camera to monitor their well-being and safety in the care of nanny; they are definitely young enough to spill the beans to your nanny. If you do not let your nanny know he or she is being watched, and your child tells about mommy and daddy’s secret cameras, then this will inevitably breed mistrust.

Should You Tell the Nanny?

Some parents do not want their nanny having any idea about the nanny cams in place. They want to catch a nanny’s real behavior when they think no adult is looking. They also do not want any trust issues to come into play. With modern day nanny cams, there is no need to tell the nanny, because the cameras are so small and well hidden that the nanny will never know.

However, some parents want to tell their nanny about the cameras, as they feel this will prevent the nanny from doing anything bad since they know they are being watched. However, many people also feel this immediately sets off a bad nanny/parent relationship. Long-term success with a nanny and a family being built on trust. The choice is yours, but either way the cameras will still protect your children.