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Should I use a Dome or Bullet Camera?

Dome Cameras vs Bullet Cameras


So what is the big deal about dome and bullet cameras? What are the key differences? How do they compare against each other? Both Dome Cameras and Bullet Cameras basically have the same working parts: a lens, circuit board, chip-set, and casing. So where do they differ?

“Should I buy a dome camera or a bullet camera?” many people ask. We hope this flowchart will make your decision making process easier.

Bullet Camera vs. Dome Camera Flowchart

For an explanation of the bullet vs. dome camera flowchart and links to further information see the information below.


Differences between Dome Cameras and Bullet Cameras: Shape

Let’s start out with what is most obvious: shape and how that affects the way that you mount the surveillance camera.

Dome cameras are circular dome (!) shaped cameras that hang from the ceiling.

Bullet cameras usually mount to the side of a wall and look like the barrel of a shotgun or a bullet casing.

When it comes to deciding which camera to use, it almost always comes down to this:

Do you want to hang it down from the ceiling, then use a dome camera.

Or on the side of a wall, use a bullet camera.

Comparison of Bullet Cameras’ and Dome Cameras’ Features

However, there are some technologies that are (for the most part) unique to either dome or bullet cameras. These technologies can sway one to purchase a bullet or a dome camera even when the default mount isn’t ideal. (There are mounting brackets that can allow bullet cameras to be mounted from above, and brackets for dome cameras to mount from the side of a building).

1. If you need one of these features unique to Dome Cameras, this can sway you to purchase that type of camera over the a Bullet.

Vandal Proof Domes – This is a protective casing around the dome camera that keeps it from being damaged. They can withstand damage from projectiles and bats.

“Smoke” Domes – A smoke dome has a casing that makes it difficult to see where the camera lens is facing.


2. If you need one of these features unique to Bullet Cameras, this can sway you to purchase that type of camera over the a Dome.

Long Range Cameras – A Dome camera’s dome restricts the size of the camera lens. If you are looking for a Long Range Camera, a Bullet Camera or C-Mount Camera is the way to go.

Outdoor or Weatherproof CCTV Cameras – If you are looking to install the camera outdoors, you should be considering bullet cameras for the reason of mounting already, but you should also do so because bullet cameras are much more likely to be weatherproofed. Reminder: Dew (not just rain or snow) can wreck a surveillance camera; just because a security camera is shielded by a overhang does not mean it won’t be damaged by the moisture in the air — especially in more humid climates.