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Smart Search DVR

Network DVR

The smart search feature on a security dvr, will you to skip over video that has motionless areas to get to the surveillance video you want to review. This is a great feature, especially if you record at real-time and have more than 4 security cameras. If you do the math, you are looking at 4 x 30 frames per second. That is 120 frames per second! That is a lot of video to have stored internally. If your CCTV application has traffic areas then you will not want to have to use this option, however, if there are low traffic areas, where you do not much action then you will want to use the smart search feature. Skipping over motionless areas, will help you get through your video in a flash. This technology is part of security dvr software that runs on the Windows platform.

PC Based DVRs Have Many User Friendly Features, Including Smart Search

One of the great things about PC based DVRs, is the many software features that are integrated to help you interact with your security cameras better and this makes managing your video and information a lot easier. Smart search feature, is very neat, when playing back through video it will skip over areas that are motionless and get right down to the footage. If you knew what old software did, you know the sliding bar is not very efficient for playing back through hours and or days of video. The bar can easily frustrate you by not being able to quickly access the time of certain events. Now with some of these advance software features, life is very easy and anyone can learn how to use the features. In CCTV and in the electronic world, simple is better! PC based security dvrs have software built on the Windows platform that just makes usability a thing of great importance. When interacting with the video you can really get the system to work around your needs.