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Home Security Door and Window Sensors

Why Get Home Security Door and Window Sensors? The security of your home begins with monitoring the entry points into your home. Each window and door to your house represents a vulnerable point for potential break-ins. While home security systems exist to monitor all aspects of safety at home, from unauthorized entry to smoke and […]

Wireless Security Alarm: Keeping Your Home Safe

If you’ve ever come back to the house and found it had been ransacked, that is probably one of the most terrifying and violating experiences you will ever encounter. Having an intruder in a place that is supposed to provide a safe environment can compromise anyone’s living space, which is why you might consider looking […]

Mobile Alarm Systems

As on the go as life has become, most of us tote a cell phone or smart phone wherever we go, enabling a constant connection to family, friends, and careers. Now, with a mobile security system, it’s just as easy to be connected with your home security system too. Especially beneficial as more and more households are […]

Glass Break Sensors and Detectors

Glass windows and doors brighten a home and help bring the view and the feel of the outdoors in. Essential as they are, glass windows and doors—easy to shatter and break—are prime targets of entry for intruders. Even if a home’s windows and doors are already protected by contact sensors, that detect opening and closing, […]

Home Security Motion Sensors

One of the most versatile components of ahome security system, motion detectors can play an integral role in safeguarding your home. They can be installed most anywhere you want extra security, both inside and outside of your home. Points of entry are common, as an additional safeguard to door and window sensors, for example, but […]

Burglar Alarm Systems

Of the more than two million burglaries in the U.S each year, 70 percent are residential, according to the most recent FBI estimates. Burglar alarm monitoring is a known burglary deterrent, protecting families and property against would-be and active home intruders. In fact, an important study done by Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice found […]

7 Tips to Burglar Proof Doors

I know I’ve been talking a lot about home security lately – burglar deterrents, how to burglarproof your windows, questions to ask your home alarm company – but I come from the camp of “the best defense is a good offense.” Or better safe than sorry. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You get the […]