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Glass Break Sensors and Detectors

Glass windows and doors brighten a home and help bring the view and the feel of the outdoors in. Essential as they are, glass windows and doors—easy to shatter and break—are prime targets of entry for intruders. Even if a home’s windows and doors are already protected by contact sensors, that detect opening and closing, […]

Small Business Security System Solutions

A security system at your business that triggers an intrusion siren isn’t enough. A business security system is supported by around-the-clock alarm monitoring service – gives your business the protection it needs. Whether you’re at your business or if it’s after hours, it gives you the confidence of knowing an organization is prepared and dedicated […]

Has your company’s alarm system been set up correctly?

Has every alarm in your security system been “channel-assigned”? If not, your site may be at serious risk. Why is this? Channel assignment is a way of configuring alarms to help security teams identify the location and threat level of an alarm incident. It also makes it easy for them to distinguish between false alarms […]