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4 Camera Surveillance Systems

A 4 camera surveillance system is absolutely perfect for a small to medium sized house. You will be able to place one camera at the entrance of your home, 1 at the back door (if you have one), 1 in the driveway, and still have one more leftover to place anywhere inside or outside your […]

What is the Emergency Button for Elderly People?

The emergency button for elderly people is known many different ways: elderly alert button, panic button, medical alert device, emergency link for elderly people. No matter what name it goes by, the system and idea behind the emergency button is ingenious and effective. It creates a reassuring lifestyle for anyone who craves independence, but is […]

The Emergency Medical Alert – Who Are They For?

Often when people consider getting an Emergency Medical Alert, they are thinking of only elderly loved ones who live alone or spend time alone. What many people don’t consider is that these are tools that can provide instant, safe access to emergency services for many different people and situations. A medical emergency alert can be […]

Wireless Security Alarm: Keeping Your Home Safe

If you’ve ever come back to the house and found it had been ransacked, that is probably one of the most terrifying and violating experiences you will ever encounter. Having an intruder in a place that is supposed to provide a safe environment can compromise anyone’s living space, which is why you might consider looking […]

Mobile Alarm Systems

As on the go as life has become, most of us tote a cell phone or smart phone wherever we go, enabling a constant connection to family, friends, and careers. Now, with a mobile security system, it’s just as easy to be connected with your home security system too. Especially beneficial as more and more households are […]

Personal Medical Alert System

The loss of independence is a serious condition no matter what the cause. Yet, the harsh reality is that the number of dependents—aging, disabled, or temporarily compromised—is on the rise and with that is the concern and even fear for the safety and well-being of those we love.  In many cases, a personal medical alarm […]

Glass Break Sensors and Detectors

Glass windows and doors brighten a home and help bring the view and the feel of the outdoors in. Essential as they are, glass windows and doors—easy to shatter and break—are prime targets of entry for intruders. Even if a home’s windows and doors are already protected by contact sensors, that detect opening and closing, […]