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Keep businesses safe from the outside in

Small business security cameras act as a barrier against theft and crimes in stores, restaurants and offices, but there are other preventative measures business owners can take to keep their company safe and secure. Do a sweep Inspect all closets, bathrooms and stairwells connected to the property when opening and closing the store to make […]

3 Benefits of Business Security Systems

Installing a security system is a great way for businesses of all sizes to maintain safe and secure work spaces. Video cameras can serve many purposes both while the business is open during the day, and when it is closed and/or vacant. Employee safety Depending on the nature of the company, employees may interact with customers, work […]

How Cloud computing will save the surveillance industry

The introduction and popularity of cloud computing has broken into the security camera sector in a strong, noticeable way. Many urban surveillance infrastructures – in both private homes and the public sphere – rely on the cloud for their day-to-day operations, and understanding how this technology works can help a home or business owner decide if hybrid, public […]

Two top security industry trends

As more businesses and homeowners turn to security camera systems to meet their surveillance needs, industry leaders are able to hone in on the trends and technologies that have the greatest impact. This information helps manufacturers develop new products with advanced features to provide the best possible coverage. Image quality Over the past few years, data has […]

Three ways security cameras can benefit your family

Homeowners who have children can turn to security camera systems to help keep their families safe. With equipment that can be monitored remotely, parents can gain peace of mind that children are safe and secure. Home alone If both parents living in the residence have jobs, it is possible that no one will be able […]

Keep school parking lots safe with video surveillance

Most high schools around the United States have parking lots for students and teachers that provide a convenient place to park and enter or leave campus. As this high-traffic area is accessible by vehicle and on foot, many schools choose to install security cameras in this location to help secure the premises and document incidents. Like parking […]

CCTV cameras are a great ally for protecting a business

Business owners looking for ways to secure their properties have many options available that can help protect people and valuables from intruders. While security cameras are traditionally the most popular option, many people may not be aware of CCTV cameras and the unique features this method of security can offer. CCTV, or closed-circuit television, cameras produce surveillance […]