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Top Home Security Trends in 2013

Wireless security cameras are fast becoming a popular trend in 2013. They provide convenient home security monitoring from any electronic device that is connected to the Internet. New, advanced technology is the reason behind this popular way of protecting your home. Many people love the convenience of a smartphone and these security systems can be […]

Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF)

The Open Network Video Interface Forum, or more commonly known as ONVIF, is an industry forum that aims to develop an open standard for the interoperability of IP-based security products; allowing IP-based products within the video surveillance industry to communicate with each other seamlessly. ONVIF was set up to drive product interoperability and standardisation of […]

The New Age of Video Surveillance: Not Just Security Anymore

For many companies of various sizes and sophistication, this is the reality of video surveillance. But there may be a false sense of security behind all that hardware. Because when you think about it, how much can one person see or process? How much unusual, illegal or dangerous activity will slip by a single set […]

After Boston: The pros and cons of surveillance cameras

Even after the identification of the Boston bombing suspects through grainy security-camera images, officials say that blanketing a city in surveillance cameras can create as many problems as it solves. A network of cameras on city streets and other public spaces increases the chances of capturing a criminal on video but can generate an overwhelming […]

Range Rover Evoque for Victoria Beckham

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