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What is the Emergency Button for Elderly People?

The emergency button for elderly people is known many different ways: elderly alert button, panic button, medical alert device, emergency link for elderly people. No matter what name it goes by, the system and idea behind the emergency button is ingenious and effective. It creates a reassuring lifestyle for anyone who craves independence, but is […]

The Emergency Medical Alert – Who Are They For?

Often when people consider getting an Emergency Medical Alert, they are thinking of only elderly loved ones who live alone or spend time alone. What many people don’t consider is that these are tools that can provide instant, safe access to emergency services for many different people and situations. A medical emergency alert can be […]

Personal Medical Alert System

The loss of independence is a serious condition no matter what the cause. Yet, the harsh reality is that the number of dependents—aging, disabled, or temporarily compromised—is on the rise and with that is the concern and even fear for the safety and well-being of those we love.  In many cases, a personal medical alarm […]

Get emergency helpmwith medical alarms

A medical alert alarm can save the life of a loved one. It facilitates a better quality of life for seniors or individuals with special needs who wish to live independently as long as possible. Medical alerting gives family members peace of mind too. Because family cannot always be nearby, a medical alert system provides […]

How to Avoid a Fall

One of the most compelling reasons to employ a medical alert system is the fact that you may fall and be unable to rise to your feet again. This kind of danger mostly affects the elderly, but people of any age with certain disabilities can also be susceptible to this danger. Here are a few tips you […]

Medical Alert Systems and Insurance

Medical alert devices provide a crucial service to older adults, allowing them to maintain independence and remain within their own homes. These devices give their children the reassurance that should anything go wrong, emergency services are only a button click away. By simply pushing the button on a personal emergency alert device after a fall, […]

Medical Alert Systems Review

Why Use Medical Alert Systems? Retirement is often cited as the golden years of your life. The irony is that for millions of seniors, these years are fraught with medical problems that could potentially land them in a nursing home. A quick and timely response to falls and other emergencies can prevent lasting injuries and […]