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3 Benefits of Sony Effio Security Cameras

The demand for higher resolution cameras is on the rise in the analog arena. People are trying to be cost effective, but at the same time still get the performance of a megapixel camera. Thus, Sony has entered the ring with Sony Effio (Enhanced Features and Fine Image Processor) chipsets and CCD chips, and which […]

CCTV Accessories : Accessorizing…with CCTV!

We all know that it’s fashionable to accessorize, but in the CCTV industry it’s also smart!  When putting together a system, you’ll always need to have your core group of items: security cameras, cables, power, DVR, and connectors. In this article, I’m going to expand upon these items to show you what your system might […]

Are Wireless Cameras Really That Convenient?

Most people are under the impression that wireless cameras are a quick easy fix.  Most people’s thoughts are “They’re wireless, they have to be easy and quick, right?.”  But, looks can be deceiving.  The installation of wireless cameras is far from quick and easy.  Mainly, people who request wireless cameras want them for the outside of their […]

Camera Styles: Dome vs Box vs Bullet

There are several camera styles to choose from: Dome, Box, Bullet, Vandal-Resistant, and Spy.  Each has their own unique advantages and disadvantages.  First, I would like to discuss the Dome Camera: The dome camera is one of the most versatile camera styles.  Many CCTV dome cameras offer 3-axis mounting.  This mounting option allows you to mount vertical, […]

Security CCTV Camera Top Features

If you’re not in the CCTV industry, it can be difficult to determine which security camera has good specs, and which one will be the right fit for your application. I hope to educate the common CCTV consumer on what to look for when it comes to cameras specifications. Resolution : This is the first thing that […]

Wireless Security Cameras : Things You Should Know Before Going Wireless

In this new age of CCTV surveillance, people are trying to find the next best thing and capitalize on the new functionality.  Wireless security cameras & wireless network technology have progressed dramatically over the past 5 years and it is now a dominant force in the industry. End users are amazed at the concept that this means […]

Wireless CCTV “Can You See Me Now ?”

In this day of technology we are searching for the next best thing that will allow us to be more efficient, more prepared and less connected physically to the restraints of a wired world. Our businesses and homes have their wireless networks. We are able to get connected from the local coffee shop or when […]