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Facewatch app helps nab criminals

Thousands of photographs and CCTV images of unidentified suspects have been uploaded online in an effort to assist officers searching for wanted individuals. Users simply enter their postcode into the application, known as Facewatch id, to access the images relevant to their neighbourhood. If they can then identify any of those sought they can contact […]

Smaller PTZ Cameras open the door for more sales

Unfortunately for many, analog cameras has become a price war that no one wins. Security companies focus on selling and offering the lowest priced items hoping to close the deal and get the job. I have never been fond of this approach and never understood this philosophy. If you do not make money doing your […]

Fantastic CCTV Campaign for Panasonic

Fantastic CCTV Campaign for Panasonic

The myth of fake or dummy security cameras

You can afford to buy a security camera system. That’s a good starting point we think. The camera does not have to be cheap and it doesn’t have to be a fake security camera. There has been a trend lately, or higher searches on Google, and a lot of misinformation spreading around the net around […]

Four benefits of megapixel security cameras

As security camera systems morph to meet the surveillance needs of 21st century businesses, suppliers are integrating new technologies to create the best equipment possible. Cameras with more megapixels – units of high graphic resolution – have become one of the largest trends in the security and surveillance industry, as they provide many benefits to customers over […]

The benefits of Sony security equipment

Sony is one of the leading security cameras providers on the market and offers proven expertise in the security industry. The company prides itself on the usability of its products, and invites new users to incorporate versatile video monitoring systems into their home security plans. Within this carrier, there are many different technologies that users […]

Crash & Smash Protection Explained, Again

With a larger number of alarm companies now offeringinteractive monitoring, video, and home automation services, it was only a matter of time before some of FrontPoint’scompetitors started making claims that they just cannot substantiate – like saying they can offer the same peace of mind as FrontPoint’s patented Crash & Smash protection. After all, there is only one true Crash & Smash […]