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Hidden Camera Solutions For Nursing Homes or Nanny Watching

When deciding what camera system is best for a nursing home or nanny watching there are a few things you should keep in mind. How are you going to view the video? Your recorded videos can either be saved on an SD Card or on a PC at a remote location. The most successful systems […]

Divorce & Child Custody: Video Surveillance

How Video Taping May Help And Hurt In Custody Disputes Custody disputes are often filled with a variety of sensitive issues.  In some cases, accusations are made for the sole purpose of hurting the other party and in other cases one parent may have genuine concerns about the child’s safety when they are with the […]

Protecting Your Apartment with A Video Surveillance System

From a legal standpoint, as an apartment owner, you want to keep your property safe, while also keeping your tenants safe. Both are priorities that cannot be avoided. What better way than protecting your apartment with a video surveillance system? Well, technically, there is one more effective way, and that is having a security guard. Unfortunately, […]

Home Security Camera Kits!

This home security camera kits webpage contains helpful & beneficial information that will enable you to make an informed decision in choosing a surveillance system that meets the security needs for you & your family. If you have limited knowledge of security camera kits & the various components they contain, you should receive much benefit […]

Why you should invest in home security cameras

While in the “old” days all security systems were hard wired systems. This implies that all the alarm devices were physically joined by cable. This home security cameras wire runs in the security panel to all of the doorway and window contacts and each of the movement detectors. These techniques also had an alarm cell that was […]

Home Security Email and Text Alerts

Wireless home security provides protection for your home and family that is not only in your control but accessible from most anywhere, allowing homeowners a connection to their systems and their property that other systems can’t provide. Security email and text alerts allow you to take the access to your home safety and protection to the […]

Remote Video Surveillance System

Your home security system is in place, keeping home and family safe in the event of a threatening or dangerous situation from fire to home invasion. Yet, it may not feel like enough. Sometimes that extra set of eyes—yours—is the only thing that brings peace of mind, especially when you’re away from home. Remote video surveillance lets […]