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Hidden Camera For Business

Video Solutions for a Critical Business Problem It is estimated that every year, anywhere between 50 and 100 billion dollars is lost as a result of employee theft. A staggering number to be sure, with robberies ranging from high-level fraud to common employee theft. While these figures are pretty astonishing, and on the rise, there […]

Vacation Property Security Camera Solutions

Stay Aware, Even When You Can’t Be There Protect your investment and enjoy your vacation property even more with Vacation Property Security Camera Solutions . Simple to set up and easy to use, this system allows you feel as if you were there even when you’re far away. Ultimate Connectivity Even if you don’t use […]

Store Security Camera Solutions

When you want people to know they’re being watched Be the “eye in the sky,” keeping watch over your store any time of the day or night. Reassure customers, reduce theft and heighten security with this user-friendly, easy-to-use system. Public view monitor Sometimes the best security comes when people know they’re being watched. With this […]

Security Camera Solutions For Factory

Security Camera Solutions For Factory- With the constant progress of industrialization, more and more video surveillance are used in industries. Factories, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, which place valuable raw material and machines, often suffer from stealing and thieves. Meanwhile the management of factories includes having real-time supervision and taking measures necessary in time. Security Camera […]

Farm Security Camera Solutions

Farm Security Camera Solutions are tailored to the needs of farms and ranches, including protecting buildings and equipment, monitoring livestock and water supplies, and securing gates and driveways. DETER THEFT & INTRUDERS – Ensure only authorized workers and suppliers gain access to your property and operations. PROTECT EQUIPMENT – Strategically placed surveillance equipment can give you […]

Retail Security Camera Solutions

Studies show the average retailer loses more than $50,000 every year to shoplifters and dishonest employees. Retail Security Camera Solutions will protect your hard-earned profits and improve your store safety immediately, and deliver returns on your investment for years to come. PREVENT SHOPLIFTING It’s not a matter of whether you’ll be a victim of shoplifting, it’s […]

Security Camera Solutions For City Surveillance

Safe city system has become a large, comprehensive-intense management system in satisfying the need of security administration, city management, traffic control and emergency operation as well as access controls, automatic alarm and so on.