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CCTV Camers in Schools and Universities

School and university administrations are worried about the increasing rate of vandalism, fights, trespassing, soliciting, sexual assaults, and violent activities in schools and universities. The immediate need to control and curb these menacing acts has increased CCTV camera installations in schools and universities. CCTV cameras to a great extent discourage theft, property damage and prevent outsiders […]

7 Ways To Secure Your Home Before Going On Holiday

The euphoria of being able to jet off on holiday and get away from it all is something we all crave and look forward to. I’m sure our employer’s would love to see us race to work, the way we do the airport to ensure we are well on time for our flight. However in […]

The Top Ways Of Protecting Your Home From Burglary

All homeowners worry about their homes and belongings when unattended – it’s human instinct. The current global economic crisis is by no means backing down and in these tough times one thing’s for sure; petty crimes, such as break-ins and theft become more of a common occurrence – all the more reason to protect your […]

5 Tips for Optimizing Home Security Camera Systems

Home Security camera systems are a fantastic way of protecting your belongings and your property from theft. However, installing these cameras can be expensive. This means that you should do your research and ensure that your system is optimized and working properly. There are a few tips that you can use to make sure that your […]

Best Home Security Camera Systems 2014

No matter where you live, home security should always be a priority. Chances are you spend a good chunk of your day out of the house, leaving pets, children and valuables in a potentially vulnerable situation. The evolution of technology has given thieves more advanced tools than ever, but it has also allowed people to […]

Infrared Surveillance Camera

Infrared security cameras, are cameras that have the special ability to render video in low-light conditions and in total darkness. There are many different models, each have their own look, purpose and application uses. If you are looking to develop a surveillance system, using infrared technology know that they are the best in being able to […]

Home Surveillance: Protection on Every Front

Homeowners today strive to protect not only their families, but also their homes and possessions. Home surveillance systems can offer the security you desire, but unless you have all your bases covered, you might leave an intruder a proverbial open door. It is vital to inspect your home surveillance plan to make sure that you have every […]