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Outdoor Infrared Cameras

Outdoor infrared security cameras are cameras that can be placed outside and survive rain, hot and cold temperatures.They are also know as multi-purpose security cameras. Outdoor infrared security cameras have the ability to adapt to any outside condition and perform their jobs without any disruption in their service or quality. Know that these are the most sought after […]

Outdoor Bullet Cameras

Outdoor bullet cameras are bullet cameras that have the ability to adapt to any situation that happens. Most of the situations that arise are weather changes, but other changes are changes in light levels. Basically sun up and sun down. Even though there are some color-bullet-cameras that can go can outside, this page’s specific focus is on […]

Day/Night Bullet Camera

Day/Night bullet security cameras, are special security cameras that can see in color in the day and night. This is possible because, Chinese and German engineers have developed special sensors and lens that have controllable shutter speeds. When it comes to CCTV, cameras that can see in color in the night have a special low […]

Color Bullet Camera

Color bullet cameras are the standard security cameras in the CCTV industry. They are very small and lightweight. Most color bullet cameras are about 5 inch’s long and 3 inch in diameter. They are even small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Color bullet cameras will display 420 lines resolution and have 1/4″ […]

CCTV Bullet Cameras

CCTV bullet cameras are a type of security camera used to survey real-time video footage. CCTV stands for closed circuit television. Bullet cameras are a type of camera that is commonly used in outdoor settings. Many buyers of these cameras are residential home owners, small retail businesses, restaurants, small, medium, and hi-commercial applications and many […]

CCD Bullet Cameras

Color CCD bullet security cameras are the very best in digital imagery and video surveillance technology available today. CCD bullet cameras have thousands of individual picture elements, also known as pixels that lay in sections on its chip. The number of pixels depend on the size of the chip in the CCD bullet camera. More About CCD […]

Audio Enabled Bullet Security Camera

Audio enabled bullet cameras are multipurpose security cameras. You can see in the day time in color, see in the dark, record audio, and it’s able to adapt to new video demands. These camera are in serious demand and work very well in residential applications. We tend to have people with neighbor problems purchase these type ofsurveillance […]