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Exview Bullet Camera

Learn About Exview Bullet Cameras So what is exview technology? Exview technology is special Sony chip-set technology where the chip-set of a security camerais enhanced to deliver better This works in the near infrared light range, this is great because you get better sensitivity right before a camera switches over to total infrared lighting. However, in the […]

CMOS Bullet Camera

C-mos standards for complimentary metal-oxide semiconductors. The process a c-moss sensor goes through to create an image is to transform light by charging the light into an electrical charge pattern. C-mos sensors are not as great compared to CCD sensors due to the amount of noise in the picture. The c-moss chip-sets and sensors used […]

Bullet Cameras vs. Dome Cameras

When buying a security camera, the question of which camera to buy usually tends to confuse many. Among the cameras that stand out are the dome and bullet cameras. These two cameras are almost similar based on their functionality but each has a different purpose. The following are some of the disparities between these two […]

Bullet Security Cameras

Also known as “cylinder cameras”, bullet cameras have many advantages. They are usually very easy to mount and adjust. They have the most weather resistant design. They give a little space off from their mounting surface. They’re an excellent option for a novice. When you need versatility in your installation, bullet cameras often provide exactly […]