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Vandal Proof Dome Camera

Vandal proof security cameras are very common among dome security cameras. Vandal proof security cameras were made to protect CCTV cameras from violent behavior and dangerous projectiles. They have protective shields that can take abuse. Vandal Proof Dome Cameras Can Take Abuse From Projectiles Vandal proof dome cameras can handle attacks from rocks or other projectiles. This technology […]

Mini Dome Cameras

Mini dome security cameras are becoming very popular in small business settings. They are bought primary because they are so cheap. However, they are very discrete and do not invade people in a business establishment. It is really a cost effective way to get video surveillance in a very tight and fast-paced business establishment. Mini Dome Security […]

Day & Night Dome Camera

Day & Night security cameras are very neat cameras. They have special CCD chip-sets that allow the camera’s pixels to take in more light and continue to see in color in low light conditions. Day and night security cameras cannot see in color in total darkness. You will need to leave lights on in the […]

Color Dome Camera

Color dome cameras are the initial demands for users beginning to look into developing a CCTV surveillance system. Everyone wants to be able to see in color during the day and night. These color dome cameras render great 420 -480 TV lines of resolution in the brightest lighting conditions. We stress that when buying these colordome […]

Starlight Dome Cameras – WDR Dome Cameras for CCTV & Surveillance

Starlight Dome cameras (or Wide Dynamic Range — WDR) have sophisticated lenses that slow down a surveillance camera’s electronic shutter so that it can let more light into the lens. Starlight Dome Cameras capture more light in the camera’s CCD chip-set. Starlight Dome Camera specialize in low lighting conditions Starlight Dome Camera’s electronic shutters are […]

Bullet Cameras vs. Dome Cameras

When buying a security camera, the question of which camera to buy usually tends to confuse many. Among the cameras that stand out are the dome and bullet cameras. These two cameras are almost similar based on their functionality but each has a different purpose. The following are some of the disparities between these two […]

Vandal Proof Dome Security Cameras

One of the problems with adding security to your home or business is that the cameras themselves can become the target of tampering and vandalism. These cameras are designed to resist impact from vandals as well as make it more difficult for anyone to make an unwanted adjustment to the camera view.