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Hidden Cameras: The Issue of Privacy

Hidden cameras are nothing new. They have been around for nearly as long as cameras have, and were brought to the public’s attention by spy films and the iconic secret agent 007 – Bond. James Bond.. However, in recent years, society seems to be in a hidden video craze. From nanny cams to reality television series, hidden […]

The Benefits of Hidden Cameras

There are countless reasons to get a hidden camera, and there are even more options when it comes to styles. They can range from stationary cameras that you can post up in the corner of your room or house to body cameras that you can wear on or under your clothing. We’ve all seen the movies […]

Protecting Your Child From Abuse and Neglect Using A Hidden Camera

Everyone wants to believe that they are a good judge of character especially when choosing a caregiver for our child. However, after reading and seeing footage of even the best nanny’s having a melt down and hitting children or worse most parents worry about whether such a thing could happen to their child. With growing statistics showing […]

Hidden Camera Solutions For Nursing Homes or Nanny Watching

When deciding what camera system is best for a nursing home or nanny watching there are a few things you should keep in mind. How are you going to view the video? Your recorded videos can either be saved on an SD Card or on a PC at a remote location. The most successful systems […]

Cameras on Police Uniforms

Police uniforms can be equipped with a hidden camera by using a wearable spy camera system. Button cameras are powered by it’s own internal battery power source. These devices usually last from 40 minutes to 3 hours. The battery life of wearable cameras can be extended  with use of a external power pack. Police Officers Find Tiny […]

Plan to use hidden cameras to monitor care homes

Cameras and ‘mystery shoppers’ could be used to monitor services provided to elderly and mentally ill people. Hidden cameras could be used to monitor the services provided by care homes under plans being considered by the health and social carewatchdog in England. Other ideas include the use of so-called mystery shoppers who would pose as customers […]

Hidden Camera Review

Why Use a Hidden Camera? There are many reasons to purchase the best hidden cameras for your home security. These reasons can range from thieving nannies to children sneaking a cookie before dinner. No matter the reason, you need to find the right hidden camera that will fit your lifestyle. There are plenty of hidden cameras that […]