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How to Find Hidden Cameras (infographic)

Do your spidey senses tingle when you enter a room, or walk down the street, and you just knowyou’re being watched? These days, you’re probably right—spy cams are everywhere, and more are being added every day. You’re probably wondering how to find those hidden cameras so that you can protect your well-being as well as your […]

Hidden Security Cameras

There are often times when fully visible cameras just aren’t desired. When comfort or tact is needed, using a covert camera is exactly the right solution. Many of these cameras look just like items we can already find in our homes and businesses. They are ideal for low profile installations or as an invisible back […]

How to set up and use a hidden camera

HOW TO SET UP & USE A HIDDEN CAMERA To get the best performance from your hidden camera, keep these simple tips in mind Trust But Verify Most people who buy hidden cameras are hoping to solve a problem in their life — or they’re worried about what’s happening when they’re not around. When you […]

Build Your Bottom Line with Hidden Cameras

In recent years, the National Retail Federation has reported that losses due to theft soared to more than $34.5 billion, which was attributed to theft by employees, customers and vendors. There was also a dramatic increase in the use of CCTV over the same period of this increase in theft. Unfortunately, this demonstrates that smarter […]