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CCD vs. CMOS Image Sensor Technology

Cameras these days range from security surveillance to your average point and shoot cameras. If you strip the hardware that makes up the camera and the lens that lets you see the world, you will notice little reflective photodiodes which make up a device called an image sensor. Depending on the specs of your security camera, you will notice that it […]

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Night Vision Security Cameras & IR Illuminators

What You Need To Know About Night Vision Security Cameras Security cameras are an essential component of any effective home or business security system. Night vision security cameras are able to monitor low-lit to completely dark environments (without compromising image quality). If you need night vision surveillance technology to protect your property, consider the benefits […]

IR Cameras Knowledge base

What Is an IR Camera?

An IR camera is an infrared device that creates images from infrared radiation. Also known as athermographic camera, an IR camera uses wavelengths longer than visible light to create images even in total darkness. The two main types of cameras are cooled infrared detectors and uncooled infrared detectors. The basic operation of an IR camera works by detecting the amount […]