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Air Freshener Camera

We all like to have fresh smelling air, and with the Air Wick Air Freshener hidden camera, you can have fresh air and still monitor what is going on around your home or office. This is one of the few hidden cameras that is wireless and runs on rechargeable batteries. While its stand-alone design makes it look inconspicuous to […]

Spy Camera Earphones

If you want an inconspicuous hidden camera that serves another purpose as well, consider the Spy Earphone Camera from Brickhouse Security. These earbuds are one of the more compact options for covert hidden cameras and can give you the chance to record video within seconds. Whether you are a catching some breaking news or trying to find out who […]

Ceiling Speaker Cover Covert Camera

The thought of having a hidden camera that sits in your ceiling and watches over almost the entire room is an appealing idea, especially when that camera comes disguised as a speaker. The Ceiling Speaker Cover Covert Camera is an ingenious blend of covert recording and speaker functionality. It does work as a normal speaker while recording video. The […]

Should Your Nanny Cam Record Audio?

When it comes to security for your home, your family and especially your children, you want the best. If you are considering a nanny cam for home security or child monitoring, one of the options available is to have an audio recording device or a video camera that also records audio. While the natural inclination is to certainly take […]

Do You Need a Nanny Cam?

Home security can be a way to keep your home, your family and your belongings safe. It can also make you feel like you are spying on people you should trust – the people you employ, those you live with and those you invite into your home. The decision to install a nanny camor any of […]

Do I Need More than One Security Camera?

There are many reasons to use a security camera. With the economic downturn, the latest statistic is that one in six homes is burglarized in the United States. A security camera system provides enhanced security for homes and peace of mind for homeowners. Still others use security camera systems to monitor caregivers in their home. Whatever […]

Should I Tell My Children About the Nanny Cam?

A nanny cam is small hidden camera that many parents use to monitor their nanny and young children while they are away from home. A nanny cam can provide the peace of mind many parents cannot get from anything else. Unfortunately, abusive situations happen even when moms and dads are diligent about hiring the best nanny available. There have […]