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Alternative to fake security cameras

There is a large market for fake cameras and we constantly get emails or requests as to where best to buy fake cameras. Though most fake security cameras are not that expensive and can be easily found on Ebay and Amazon you do have another alternative.   Most installers and security distributors have a nice pile of […]

Four underlying benefits of security cameras

As business owners across the country make the decision to install wireless security camera systems on their property, security experts are finding additional ways that surveillance equipment can be beneficial to a company. While the basics, like crime deterrence, employee monitoring and theft detection, are well-known, other benefits present themselves in less noticeable ways. Legitimate alarms Like […]

Why IP Video?

Discover the Advantages of IP Surveillance over Analog For video surveillance in today’s high-security world, an increasing number of customers are turning to IP camera solutions. If you’re looking to install a new surveillance system, or wish to upgrade an existing system, IP surveillance offers several advantages over traditional CCTV analog video technology. Take a […]

Digital Video Recorders (DVRS) in Surveillance

Security cameras have come a long way since the early days. Advanced technology, like DVRs,Digital Video Recorders, or NVRs, Network Video Recorders, have replaced most videotape-based systems. Instead of using time-lapse VCRs and multiplexers, a DVR records video on a hard drive. This eliminates the need for tapes and makes the system easy and safe […]

Varifocal Auto Iris CCTV Camera Lenses

A Security Camera is Nothing without a Good Lens When choosing a lens for your security camera, do your research and choose one that will provide the proper image at the right distance, angle, and light level. Often, you will be looking for avarifocal auto iris lens. What is field of view? Lenses come in […]

Multi-Channel 12V DC Security Camera Power Supplies

Powering Multiple Security Cameras After your security cameras and digital video recorder (DVR) have been chosen for your surveillance system, the next piece of the puzzle is powering everything with a power supply unit (PSU). Powering one to four security cameras One to four cameras can typically be powered either individually or from a single […]

Security Camera Power, Video, and Network Cables

In the security camera world, the type of cables used for different applications can get confusing. In this article, we provide details so you can select the proper security camera cables for your project. RG6, RCA, Cat-5e, Siamese – What Does It All Mean? Lets start with the most typical type of cables used for analog security […]