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Cameras on Police Uniforms

Police uniforms can be equipped with a hidden camera by using a wearable spy camera system. Button cameras are powered by it’s own internal battery power source. These devices usually last from 40 minutes to 3 hours. The battery life of wearable cameras can be extended  with use of a external power pack. Police Officers Find Tiny […]

Catch Someone Stealing From Your Purse with A Spy Camera

Have you ever found yourself searching in your purse for your keys, wallet or debit cards?   Life is crazy and it is easy to misplace important items while you are on the run.  Have you ever thought you lost those important items – or worse that they may have been stolen? If things are constantly […]

Viewing your CCTV Cameras over the Internet | Network DVR

This article covers the configuration found with the stand alone DVR systems found here. Surveillance experts have long made the switch from tape-based and TL video recording. The technology in use for the current generation of videos cameras is the DVR (Digital Video Recorder). One popular feature of a Network based DVR is the ability to […]

Where Can I Hide My Spy Camera?

Many people are nervous about their ability to discreetly hide a camera however it has never been easier to do.  The reasons for buying a spy camera are as diverse as the places they can be hidden.  With a spy camera, you have proof that your children and elderly parents are properly looked after when […]

What Does lux Mean On A Spy Camera?

Specifications for surveillance cameras often include a minimum illuminance level in lux at which the camera will record a satisfactory image. A camera with good low-light capability will have a lower lux rating. Low light capability of a camera is determined by its CCD size, lux rating & video gain in dB. Lower the lux, […]

How Long Does The Battery Last On Spy Pens?

Most Spy Pen Cameras have a battery life up to 1 hour 30 minutes. There are certain models that allow for an external battery pack that connect to the USB portion of the pen. With one of these devices in use your Spy Pen Camera can operate up to 10 hours using Alkaline batteries or […]

How Does A Wireless Spy Camera Work?

Wireless spy cameras have many of the same features of a wired camera system and there are many models, offering various features. A Wireless Camera is a combination of a Camera and a radio transmitter/receiver. Because it is a radio transmitter/receiver, you will have a few issues not present when using a standalone or wired spy camera […]