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Covert Bullet Surveillance Cameras

Whether you want to keep an eye on your pets while you are away, or make sure the neighbor kids aren’t swimming in your pool again, bullet security cameras are a great option. These relatively small cameras can be placed in many locations, indoor or outdoor, and are easily concealable in things like flower pots, teddy bears, […]

CCTV Cameras In Offices

Safety and monitoring of employees is the prime concern of employers. There are a number of benefits of installing CCTV cameras in offices other than maintaining security. We look after your indoor and outdoor security needs with: Indoor CCTV Cameras: Installation of CCTV cameras inside the premises will help you keep a check on the activities going on inside […]

Components of Video Security Cameras

Video security cameras are one of the most admired and popular surveillance mechanisms. They meet the security needs of business organizations, homes, airports, shopping stores, hotels, and many others. They work like an alert security guard providing security and protection throughout the day and night. If any criminal or unlawful activity happens, video recordings done […]

Vandal Proof Cameras and Accessories

Vandal proof cameras are rough and tough cameras that are designed to withstand harsh weather and mishandling. They are weatherproof which means that they can resist rain, wind, and moisture. Vandal proof dome cameras also come with shock-resistant dome and aluminum body that absorbs vibrations. Vandal-proof cameras are suitable for office and residential buildings, parking areas, […]

Infrared Security Cameras Are Vital To Home Security

Infrared security cameras use thermography technology to capture images in no light areas. The thermal imaging systems provide accurate temperature measurements and produce images from heat radiation generated by the object. The infrared security cameras have infrared LED lighting installed around the lenses of the camera that detect the object by measuring the heat emitted by the object. […]

The Top Ways Of Protecting Your Home From Burglary

All homeowners worry about their homes and belongings when unattended – it’s human instinct. The current global economic crisis is by no means backing down and in these tough times one thing’s for sure; petty crimes, such as break-ins and theft become more of a common occurrence – all the more reason to protect your […]

4 Benefits of Having a Digital Video Recording System Installer

Surveillance systems can be extremely handy in providing top-notch security for both residences and businesses. There are several types of systems to choose from depending on the quality and features you feel your protection requires. You may remember the more traditional kind of surveillance that involves cameras and recording tapes that often only work half […]