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10 Not-So-Obvious Benefits of PTZ CCTV Cameras

1. Autonomous Patrol & Tracking PTZ security cameras can be set to tour areas that you specify, and can actually track the movements of suspicious people or vehicles when optional video analytic devices are used. 2. Multiple Alarm Inputs PTZ cameras typically have four alarm inputs. Devices such as motion detectors, glass break devices, door contacts, […]

The Basics of PTZ Cameras

Due to a hefty price tag, monstrous size and complicated use, PTZ cameras have traditionally been one of the least known types of security cameras to the general public. Today, however, PTZs are fast becoming a popular camera of choice for any application. PTZ cameras can be found at nearly every store front, parking garage, or large […]

Dummy Security Cameras: An Alternative Security Measure

In today’s world of increasing crime, securing your home and family is important. The world is full of thieves, terrorists, and gangs who won’t think twice about invading your home and property for their own gain. Your family is the most important thing in the world and the valuables and things inside the home along […]

Analog vs IP Cameras – Video Surveillance Systems