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Security Camera Systems & Surveillance Systems

Cheap security camera systems  are high quality surveillance systems that offer excellent remote viewing. Security camera systems are brought to you by many manufacturer, leaders in the home and business CCTV systems industry. You will find high-quality infrared cameras and indoor dome cameras, standalone DVRs, and remote monitoring software for Internet viewing. They offer the best […]

CCTV Misconception

I read the article Keeping CCTV in Its Place by Michael Minieri and I agree with the points that were made.  Too many times people have a misconception about CCTV, whether it is its uses or its limitations. There can be no way of knowing whether having visible CCTV cameras prevents crimes from happening.  There are […]

If Security Cameras Are Not a Deterrent to Crime, Then What Good Are They ?

There is anecdotal evidence that suggests security cameras do not deter criminal activity.  People who object to the use of installing a CCTV system in public places sometimes feel the squeeze of encroachment on their privacy, and they will object to using public funds to finance it.  But, there is something to the argument, regardless […]

Digital vs. Optical Zoom

Unwary buyers of surveillance cameras are sometimes unaware of terms in the industry.  Being caught without knowledge of the salesperson’s jargon can mean that you won’t get what you think you’re getting for the money. One such term is zoom.  Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and some fixed cameras have lenses that zoom in on an object.  In other […]

NEMA Ratings and IP Comparison

There is some confusion about the technical ratings of enclosures for electronic components.  In an earlier article, we provided information and a chart for decoding the IP ratings on a given assembly (you’ll find a NEMA ratings chart at the bottom of this article).  Here, we want to go a step further and explain what NEMA Ratings are and […]

CCD vs. CMOS Image Sensor Technology

Cameras these days range from security surveillance to your average point and shoot cameras. If you strip the hardware that makes up the camera and the lens that lets you see the world, you will notice little reflective photodiodes which make up a device called an image sensor. Depending on the specs of your security camera, you will notice that it […]

DVR Recorders – PC Based vs Standalone

Oftentimes I hear the question, “Which is better – PC-based or standalone DVR”?  That is like asking which is better – a mop or a broom?  Or similarly – which is better – a ball-peen hammer or a claw hammer?  The point is that one is comparing two tools, on the surface and at first glance they appear […]