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18x Zoom PTZ Cameras

18X Zoom Is A Step Above 10X PTZ Cameras If you are looking to take your distance to a whole different level without spending a ton of money, try an 18X zoom PTZ camera. Truthfully, 18X with the right lighting will enable you to zoom out to about 200 yards or more. Again the only major […]

10X to 18X Zoom PTZ Cameras

10X Optical Zoom PTZ cameras are simply pan, tilt, and zoom cameras that have a 10X or 18X optical zoom lens. 10x PTZ security cameras can zoom out to about 200 yards max and an 18X lens can do 250 yards out. 18X Zoom Is A Step Above 10X PTZ Cameras If you are looking to take […]

10X Zoom PTZ Cameras

10X Optical Zoom PTZ cameras are simply pan, tilt, zoom cameras that have a 10X optical zoom lens. Optical zoom is a process where a giant lens inside of the brain of a PTZ camera uses reactionary methods to enhance the ability for the camera to see farther out. Depending on the size of the lens in […]

Infrared PTZ Camera

PTZ cameras are also another class security camera, that infrared LED lights. Chinese engineers invented a unique infrared camera that has more alien look for a speed dome PTZ camera. The most popular one is up a side down PTZ camera. It has a one side that has hi powered infrared LED lights and the other side […]

Zoom Lens C-Mount Camera

How Does A 22X Zoom Lens Work For C-mount Cameras? In the last two years, engineers in China have designed a new c-mount camera that has a built in optical zoom lens. This camera is very powerful and best of all it you don’t have to purchase a lens to make it work. It is […]

Pan Tilt Zoom Security Cameras (PTZ)

Pan Tilt Zoom Security Cameras (PTZ) – In some cases, regular cameras simply will not give you the full amount of coverage. You may need the versatility of a camera that can be adjusted quickly, remote change of direction or zoom, or maybe its the ability to lock on and follow a moving object that shouldn’t […]

10 Not-So-Obvious Benefits of PTZ CCTV Cameras

1. Autonomous Patrol & Tracking PTZ security cameras can be set to tour areas that you specify, and can actually track the movements of suspicious people or vehicles when optional video analytic devices are used. 2. Multiple Alarm Inputs PTZ cameras typically have four alarm inputs. Devices such as motion detectors, glass break devices, door contacts, […]