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Security Camera & Video Surveillance Systems

What Are Video Surveillance Systems? The word “camera” is often bandied about because we know exactly what it means, whereas the word “system” may seem a bit vague in its definition. Simply put, surveillance systems are different from surveillance cameras in that they’re all-inclusive security packages tailored to your home or business. Video surveillance systems […]

How to Choose a Security System

TYPES OF SECURITY SYSTEMS There is a wide variety of security systems, and each has special features that set it apart from its competitors. When differentiating between security systems, it’s important to consider these three categories: Monitoring: the means by which the system communicates with its monitoring center. Installation: the method of installation–professional or DIY. […]

Why You Need A Security Camera System

Life is messy and you never really know what someone else will do when you are not present.  Using a spy cam is the only way to really know what happens when you are not home and to ensure your security. Cameras confirm the honesty of the people you welcome into your home.  Almost everyone […]

Viewing your CCTV Cameras over the Internet | Network DVR

This article covers the configuration found with the stand alone DVR systems found here. Surveillance experts have long made the switch from tape-based and TL video recording. The technology in use for the current generation of videos cameras is the DVR (Digital Video Recorder). One popular feature of a Network based DVR is the ability to […]

Security Cameras Types

With many technological advances taking place over the years, and increasing crime rates, the progress made in the field of security and surveillance has been considerable. What started as a simple concept, requiring a single camera and a video tape, has now become an intricate network of multiple cameras, timers, recording devices, and other additional […]

Checklist for security camera systems

When looking for a video surveillance system, consider the following. 1 B/W or Color? Color Cameras are more popular, due to their clearer identifications. But, in low light conditions, B/W cameras are more ideal, because they generally require less illumination. Newer models of Day/Night cameras work as color camera during daytime and B/W at night. 2 […]

A Guide To Choosing CCTV Security Camera Systems

You can have CCTV professionally installed, and, in some circumstances this may be appropriate. However modern technology has made CCTV products much more affordable and for the average DIY person, easy to fit. With such a large selection of cameras and prices, it is difficult to decide what to select. We have the following guide […]